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2011 Newsletters

  • December 2011 Newsletter

    The Final, Final, (Yes, is really is Final) Veto Session Wrap-Up Balancing the state budget and paying the backlog of bills owed by the State continues to be a priority for me.  Earlier this week, the General Assembly acted on two pieces of tax legislation that will have an impact on those goals. The first […]

  • November 2011 Newsletter

    COGFA Hearings on Governor’s Proposed Closures Last month I wrote about the efforts by Governor Quinn to close seven state facilities – two for the developmentally disabled, three for the mentally ill and two prisons. I have since traveled the state from north to south and east to west to tour these facilities and heard […]

  • October 2011 Newsletter

    COGFA Hearings As of member of the bi-partisan and bi-cameral Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability (COFGA), I routinely attend hearings and make recommendations to the legislature and Governor Quinn regarding important policy decisions for the Illinois. You may have read in the news that Governor Quinn is proposing to close seven state facilities due […]

  • September 2011 Newsletter

    Public Private Partnerships Bill is Signed by Governor I was the chief sponsor of legislation in the House that Governor Pat Quinn has recently signed.  House Bill 1091 creates The Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) for Transportation Act. This legislation will put one more tool in our transportation toolkit.  As government funding for infrastructure dries up, we need new […]

  • ComEd Hearing: August 2011 Newsletter

    Excessive heat, severe lightening, record setting rainfalls, and tornadoes.  It makes me think a plague of locusts is next.  All this severe weather has taken a toll on out infrastructure.  Electric service has been greatly affected. To learn more about the problems and possible solutions, the Illinois House Public Utilities Committee will be holding a public hearing regarding recent power […]

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