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September 2008 Newsletter

Nekritz Nine @ Nite Update

I am proud to announce the outcome of my 4th annual golf outing that took place last month. Great weather and great company yielded record breaking fundraising. Over $5,300 was raised for the Des Plaines Community Foundation, a community outreach program that connects community assets with community needs. Thanks to everyone who attended and/or donated.

We have continued to grow this event and provide direct help to our communities over the past 4 years.
Please contact me directly if you know of any possible beneficiary for next year’s event. We hope to continue giving back to our district, and your input would be invaluable.

E-Waste Bill Signed by Governor

Just yesterday Governor Blagojevich signed Senate Bill 2313 – the E-waste recycling bill sponsored by Susan Garrett (D-Highwood) in the Senate and myself in House.  At no charge to consumers, the law authorizes the use of a combination of incentives and mandates to reduce the ever-increasing amount of electronic waste – televisions, printers, computer monitors, computers, laptops, printers, fax machines and MP3 players – and their toxic substances, such as lead, cadmium, copper, flame retardants, and phosphorus, from being disposed in Illinois landfills. It also gives manufacturers flexibility in the strategies they use to meet their goals, such as partnering with retailers and local governments to sponsor collections. Manufacturers, recyclers, refurbishers, and collectors must also register annually with the Illinois EPA.

I am excited to see this new legislation signed into law and thankful for the help of my colleagues and environmental advocacy organizations throughout Illinois that helped work on this project.

Flooding in My District

I am so honored to represent the people of the 57th District.  And the events of this past weekend confirmed that for me once again.

Record rains last weekend resulted in flooding in every community in my district.  Basements filled with water, detention ponds overflowed, sewers backed up and the Des Plaines River once again went over its banks – you name it, we experienced it.

I was out in the torrential rain on Saturday and Sunday talking with residents, watching their basements fill and sand bagging.  It was absolutely gut wrenching to see so many lives so devastated.  What was even more amazing, however, was the attitude of those I spoke with.  They were working hard to keep the flood waters at bay but they knew that the folks who live in Galveston were even worse off and they were still in good humor knowing that Mother Nature had thrown them a curve ball.

Those working at the Emergency Operations Centers along with police and fire personnel were also doing a fabulous job.  Many worked for 24 to 36 hours straight without losing their heads.  The Red Cross quickly opened up a shelter for those in Glenview and Des Plaines who were forced out of their homes and I was honored by buy dinner for those “living” at the Des Plaines shelter on Sunday night.  Many thanks to Alderman Laura Murphy (3rd Ward – Des Plaines) for taking care of both breakfast and lunch for those folks on Monday.

It was truly the worst of times and the best of times.  Again, I am honored to serve all of you who proved once again that you are caring, compassionate, hard working and resilient.


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