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Honoring Veterans

Last week, I was honored to participate in the inaugural ceremony for AVETS – the Allstate Veterans Engagement Team & Supporters.  Allstate has its national headquarters in the 57th House District.

Several of the veterans working at Allstate came together to create AVETS, whose mission it is to recruit veterans to work at Allstate, provide support and resources for veterans and their families who work at Allstate and, more generally, promote awareness of veteran’s issues and concerns.

I was pleased to join Congressman Robert Dold and Matt Winter, a veteran himself and the President of the Auto, Home and Agencies part of Allstate, to celebrate the official kick off of AVETS.  It was a moving ceremony with several of the officers of AVETS telling their personal stories of the challenges faced by servicemen and women whose lives are disrupted when they are called to service.

It was an opportunity to highlight legislation that was recently passed and signed in to law by the Governor.  The Illinois Service Members Civil Relief Act (Senate Bill 3287) combines all the legal protections in Illinois law for active duty service members in one statute – making them easier to understand and enforce.  It also expands the protections available to those serving in active duty military.  These include the ability to cancel a cell phone contract while on active duty, to forestall a foreclosure action and to receive a refund of a tuition payment at an Illinios university if the service member cannot attend due to being called up.  I was very proud to be the House sponsor of this legislation.  You can review the legislation at:

Veto Session

The House is scheduled to return for the fall session on November 27, 28 and 29 and December 4, 5 and 6.  Actions that the Governor took to veto and amendatorily veto legislation passed last spring will be under discussion.  The most prominent of these will be the expansion of casino gambling and slots at racetracks.  As we get closer to veto session, there will undoubtedly be more items on the agenda and I will do my best to keep you informed of those items, as well.


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